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ICRA RATING AGENCY LIMITED is one of the fastest-growing companies providing Credit Rating Services. With a presence across Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia, we provide the information, tools, and expertise to help customers make a confident decision to mitigate any commercial risk. ICRA enables customers quick access to objective, customized information whenever and wherever they need it.

ICRA has an expert team with a combined experience of more than 25 years in Audit, Inspection, Financial Analysis, Credit Research, Banking, Compliance, AML, and Certification. Our ratings significantly influence corporate and financial institutions to achieve better market standing. ICRA ratings aim to help various corporations and institutions demonstrate their financial capability.

As per the current survey, Uganda and Africa’s actual potential for corporates, financial institutions, and generally for the market is not properly analyzed and has incorrect market comparison which makes them lose opportunity for having local and international projects, potential partnerships, financing, investors, and more.

ICRA Rating Agency Limited wants to focus and showcase on Uganda and also African markets globally with the help of our local and international ratings which we provide for corporates and financial institutions. We believe that this will also help them capture more markets, and networks, and build stronger relations not just locally but also internationally, this way it can help them discover and expand their market globally.


A global leader in credit rating, audit, and credit research. ICRA’s long-term vision is to become the most credible rating agency in the finance world, responding to the needs of organizations globally.


An agency that serves all business categories from small and medium to large enterprises, who is customer-centric builds relationships, enhances business profiles, and helps connect businesses globally.

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